Assalamu Alaikum,

Assalamu alaykum

My name is Laila Eddeb. I am the Islamic Studies teacher. I am happy to be part of FIA team. I teach 3rd to 8th grades. In my class I focus on activities that come from a nice curriculum to connect students to what matter the most in this life “Faith.”

Our books contain units that teach about Pillars of Islam, Tawheed, Prophets, and Islamic Character. I begin the class with the pre-questions or the outlines of the lesson; we could remain for a week with the same lesson till we finish with the review by the end of each chapter. Students are permitted to use their computers to make a presentation about a subject of their choice related to the lesson. We do more class-work than homework. Quizzes are frequent but tests are once per quarter.

Laila Eddeb

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