Ohio students from Pre-K through 12th grade must meet specific knowledge and skill requirements. Critical-thinking and problem solving are a few of the core skills the Ohio standards aim to impart upon students. These are essential skills employers seek which will prepare your child for their future.

Ohio’s State board of Education has adopted learning standards for subjects such as: science, technology, social studies, mathematics, language arts, physical education and fine arts.

On this page you will find useful resources to learn more about the state of Ohio's learning standards.


Student Assessments

Educators use assessments to measure student progress and track their retention. Assessments can include both traditional tests as well as classroom activities to help teachers assess your child's needs.

Ohio State Tests

Our students participate in state achievement tests in order to tell us how they are understanding the knowledge and skills being taught in the classroom. Depending on what grade your child is in, they may take some or all of the required state tests.

Ohio Resources

The Ohio Department of Education has a wealth of resources for both students and educators.

Additional Resources